Opening roof verandah system

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Outback Sunroof verandah

With an opening roof verandah system you're in complete control of the rain and sunshine. You can easily adjust the level of sunlight or shade or completely close the interlocking louvres to protect you from the elements using a compact hand held wireless remote control. It even has a smart sensor that will automatically close the louvres when it rains.

Create a beautiful outdoor room

Outback Sunroof is designed and manufactured using the same quality components used in our flat, gable and curved roof verandahs and patios. Talk to us about designing an outdoor living area with different zones or rooms integrated into the overall concept. For example, you might have a pitched or curved roof dining area and an adjoining Sunroof lounging space to sit back and relax.

Sunroof opening verandah roof blades

Design flexibilty

Our Sunroof verandah system will span openings up to 3.9m allowing for a wide range of exciting design options. Blades are constructed from pre-painted steel and have a solid foam core for insulation and maximum strength and the Sunroof's frame and blades are available in a wide range of modern colours to suit your home.

Quality construction for long life

To ensure optimum corrosion protection, our Sunroof verandah is manufactured using coloured steel, stainless steel and powder coated aluminum components.

A powerful 100 watt 24 volt DC motor is used to ensure the Sunroof patio operates reliably for years to come and the entire system has been durability tested to 20,000 cycles. That's equivalent of two full opening and closing cycles every day for more than 25 years.

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